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Information Literacy


Information Literacy




What Is Information Literacy?


Information Literacy is the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information. Information literacy classes are available in face-to-face and online formats for all courses in San Antonio, Woodlands, and RGV. Sessions cover topics from general library orientation to assignment-specific instruction.


To request an information literacy instruction session for a class in the School of Business & Leadership or the Worden School of Social Service, contact Research and Instruction Librarian Steven Wise. To request an information literacy instruction session for a class in the College of Arts & Sciences or the School of Professional Studies, contact Research and Instruction Librarian Darby Syrkin. You can also fill out the form linked below:



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Library Mission


The Mission of the Sueltenfuss Library is to cultivate Information Literacy at OLLU by:


  • Teaching the lifelong skills of finding and evaluating information in order for students to succeed at OLLU and beyond.
  • Working collaboratively with faculty to identify resources and learning activities to teach information literacy competencies.
  • Designing assignment-specific library instruction sessions for courses as requested by the instructor.




Standards of Information Literacy


The five basic standards that define the abilities that an information literate student has are:


  • The information student determines the nature and extent of the information needed.
  • The information literate student accesses needed information effectively and efficiently.
  • The information literate student evaluates information and its sources critically and incorporates selected information into his or her knowledge base.
  • The information literate student, individually or as a member of a group, uses information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose.
  • The information literate student understands many of the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information and accesses and uses information ethically and legally.


Association of College & Research Libraries Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.