Library Instruction

Library Instruction




The Library is fully committed to providing your students with the best instruction and resources available to meet their information literacy needs. We're also dedicated to providing our faculty with diverse and flexible instruction options to fit our challenging educational landscape. 


This page provides menus of options to start your library instruction planning. You'll find multiple formats and delivery systems to best suit your fully online, hybrid/hyflex, and in-person class instruction needs.


As always, your Instruction Librarians are here for you! We will help you design a program best suited to your curriculum and students' needs.



Undergraduate Library Instruction


Option I: Asynchronous Video Instruction
Replete with information literacy topics from A-Z, our library video collection provides loads of information in bite-sized lengths. These videos provide concise coverage used as stand-alones to augment your curriculum, or serve as a "starter" course for Instruction Option 2. Mix and match your desired topic areas - or ask an Instruction Librarian to choose the right topics for your needs!

Video Tutorials Available
  • Brainstorming and topic development
  • Keyword and synonym creation
  • Finding and accessing information in One Search
  • The right databases for the job
  • Using Google Scholar wisely
  • Using advanced search options
  • The importance of evaluating resources
  • Using the five information evaluation standards (CRAAP)
  • Acknowledging sources: Citation basics
  • Academic integrity Plagiarism
Option II: Virtual LibChats or Webinars
Option I videos can be used by themselves, but we also encourage faculty to use our videos as a step-1 preparation for time with an Instruction Librarian. We are delighted to engage with your classes live and virtually on a variety of topics. We offer two types of live-streamed, virtual instruction:

More intimate in numbers with high student interactivity, LibChats are single class or small group sessions. LibChats are pre-prepared in collaboration with you, the faculty.

LibChats highlights:
  • Chat agenda based on faculty needs
  • Solicited questions to jumpstart conversation
  • Room for individual questions and responsive activities

Tailored for large or multiple classes, areas, or department-wide instruction, webinars are a way to invite a larger community of students to share in a Q&A content-rich learning event. Information literacy topics, interests, and foundational concepts are discussed to positively inform and unify a diverse range of students through shared interests.


Graduate Library Instruction


Option I: Teams Instruction
Our inspiration for Teams instruction is chamber music - a string quartet. Chamber groups work with coaches to hone specific and advanced skills in a highly interactive and peer-teaching environment. We offer this same environment to small groups of graduate students from your classes. We work on specialized topics with 3-5 students at a time, both as a coach and by directing peer-to-peer learning and shared ideas.

Topics include:
  • Advanced research skills and organizing tips
  • Advancing searching: Booleans, limiters, and wild cards
  • Discipline-specific database use
  • Literature reviews
  • Advanced citation tools
Option II: Graduate Webinars
Our graduate webinars are designed with advanced skill-learning and problem-solving in mind. We address both discipline-specific needs and innovative information literacy tools through discussion topics designed in collaboration with you, the faculty.

Webinar topics include:
  • Advanced searching and research organization
  • What databases should I use for my discipline?
  • Google Scholar and OLLU databases
  • Literature reviews: The search for sources
  • Discipline-specific citations

Librarians will solicit questions before sessions and all our webinars are monitored to best focus on student needs. Sessions can also be recorded and uploaded to the library's website so every student has an opportunity to attend.




Library Instruction Mission


The Mission of the Sueltenfuss Library is to cultivate Information Literacy at OLLU by:


  • Teaching the lifelong skills of finding and evaluating information in order for students to succeed at OLLU and beyond.
  • Working collaboratively with faculty to identify resources and learning activities to teach information literacy competencies.
  • Designing assignment-specific library instruction sessions for courses as requested by the instructor.


 ACRL's Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education