Printing & Scanning

Printing & Scanning




There are printers and scanners available for student use in several locations in the library:


1st floor

  • In the 24 Hour Lab (L110) (Color and Black & White)
  • Outside of ACE (across from the elevator) (Black & White)


2nd floor

  • By the computer cluster outside of the IS Lab (Black & White)
  • By the right side aisleway near stacks (Color)


3rd floor

  • Outside the elevator landing near window (Color)


A flatbed book scanner is also available along the wall outside the IS Lab on left aisleway. For help with printing or scanning, please ask a library assistant at the circulation desk for assistance.


How to Print


To print a document in the library:


Select "OLLU Printing on papercut" when printing your document


  1. At the printer, scan your OLLU ID card to login, or type in your ID number
  2. Select "Print Release"
  3. Select your document and touch "Print"
  4. Be sure to log out after printing your documents


Printing Credit


You can add more money to your printing credit account by logging into Papercut here:



For More Information


More information about printing at OLLU is available from University IT.


Student Printing, Copying, and Scanning FAQ (IT)