Get It 4 Me

Get It 4 Me (Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery)







Get It 4 Me is a library service available to current OLLU students, faculty, and staff to borrow books, DVDs, music, and journal copies that are not owned by the Sueltenfuss Library.  Get it 4 Me is also recommended for students who reside outside of Bexar County to OLLU owned coies of print articles or physical books mailed to their home address.  After you place a request, you will receive an email or text notification when your item is ready for pick up or being prepared to delivery.


Students, faculty, and staff can use Get It 4 Me to


  • Request a print book, article, or DVD that the library does not own
  • Request a copy of an article that is only available in print
  • Request to have a book or DVD that the library owns mailed to you (for students, faculty, or staff outside Bexar County)


Materials allowed to borrow


  • Print books
  • Print dissertations
  • Digital copy/photocopy of journal articles or book chapters
  • DVDs


We will make every effort to get the item for you, however, some items may not be possible to get through interlibrary loan due to publisher restrictions or availability.


Material that cannot be borrowed


  • E-books (entire)
  • Entire journals or reference material
  • Material on physical reserve




Get it 4 Me is FREE however, if a lender charges fines because an item is overdue, lost, or damaged, you will be responsible for paying the charges.


Estimated Time to Receive Materials


Receiving your Get it 4 Me item depends on the availability  of the item requested, where it is shipping from, and its format.  Articles/copy requests usually arrive in 2-3 days and are usually sent electronically; books may take 5-13 days (about 2 weeks) and are usually sent by mail.  Holidays, weekends, and library closures should also be considered.


Check out periods


  • OLLU owned items-Items will be due in 15 weeks (about 3 and a half months) or the last day of the semester whichever comes first
  • Non OLLU items-The due date will be set by the library that owns the item




  • OLLU owned items-Most users can get one renewal on library owned items
  • Non OLLU items-Renewals will be set by lending library and are non-negotiable



How to Receive your Get it 4 Me Request


San Antonio Main Campus OLLU students, faculty, and staff (Bexar County residence)

  • In-person pick up
  • Electronic delivery


Outside Bexar County OLLU Online, Engage, RGV, Houston students, faculty, or staff

  • Delivery to a home address vis USPS mail
  • Electronic delivery




San Antonio Main campus OLLU students, faculty, and staff (Bexar County residence) can return

  • Get it 4 Me material may be returned at the 2nd floor checkout desk, or the 2nd floor drop chute

Outside Bexar County OLLU Online, Engage, RGV, Houston students, faculty, or staff can return

  • Most material sent by USPS mail will come in a green reusable mailer.  Enclosed is prepaid postage along with directions on how to return your materials.


If you need help locating an item, call the Library at 1-800-846-4085 or email us at