Laptop Loan Program

Laptop Loan Program




During the time that the library building is closed and access to campus facilities is limited, the library is piloting a laptop loan program for students with a demonstrated need for a computer to support their schoolwork.


Use the form below to request a laptop. As there are only a limited number of laptops, requests will be considered based on need and availability.


After submitting your request, the library will contact you to verify that a laptop is available and provide instructions for using our curbside pickup service to pick up the laptop. Laptops will be shipped only to students who live outside Bexar County.


Students will have to sign the Technology Loan Agreement before the laptop will be shipped or processed for curbside checkout.



Term of Possession

A student’s right to checkout laptops terminates no later than 3 days past the end of the academic term. Renewals for technology must be made before the due date of the item unless earlier terminated by OLLU by withdrawal from the university.


Failure to timely return a technology device may lead to a suspension of library user privileges and a hold of university transcripts.


Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Device

If a student loses an assigned technology device, the technology device is stolen, or the technology device is damaged, the student must immediately notify library staff. If a police report is filed, the student is expected to cooperate and provide truthful information. A student whose technology device is lost, stolen, or damaged due to a violation of the Student Technology Device Loan Agreement, purposeful action, and/or negligence is subject to consequences as outlined in the Agreement.


Financial Responsibility

If a laptop is lost, stolen or damaged, the student is responsible for the cost of the device at the time of purchase. If the laptop is returned late, the student will also assume responsibility for all processing fees.


Late fees
Period Overdue Late Fees
1 week late $10 a day the item is late
2 weeks late $189.99 (1⁄2 the cost of the price of laptop at the time of purchase)
3 weeks late $189.99 (1⁄2 the cost of the price of laptop at the time of purchase)
Laptop Accessories $15 for unreturned laptop box, $35 for unreturned laptop charger
Lost or damaged device $429.99 (Full cost of laptop at the time of purchase and a $50.00 processing fee)



The library has many other types of technology, as well as games, available for check-out on the library's Technology and Games Check-Out page.