Weeding Project 2021

Library Weeding Project




This year the library is undertaking a much-needed weeding project to refresh the library’s book collection. We need help from faculty to ensure that the collection is as current and relevant as possible. Please ask us questions and participate to the full extent that you’re able to!



What is weeding?

Weeding is the process of systematically removing certain materials from the library's collections that meet specific criteria.


Why do libraries weed?

Libraries purchase new materials every year but unfortunately we do not have unlimited space for these materials. As the collection expands the library needs to make room for these new materials. In addition, materials get outdated because of new research and discoveries in the field, become less relevant to the curriculum, or end up in poor physical condition and need to be removed. Weeding keeps the library’s collection current, relevant, in good condition, and easy for users to browse.


Some of the most important reasons for weeding are:


  • To make room in the collection for new materials
  • To remove outdated, irrelevant, or duplicate materials
  • To remove materials in poor condition
  • To remove materials that don’t circulate


What books will be removed from the collection?

While there are specific criteria for regular weeding of the library’s collection, for this project we will be selecting items for removal that meet both of the following conditions:


  • Have never been checked out
  • Were acquired more than 5 years ago


Books that meet both criteria will be put on a list for review. Faculty and library selectors will need to review the list to determine if any of the items should be kept (if they are a classic in the field, of particular relevance to the curriculum, cannot be easily found elsewhere, etc.).


What if a book I think is important is being weeded?

Be sure to review the weeding list for your subject area and send your feedback to the selector before the deadline. If you request that we keep a book from the weeding list, it will not be removed from the collection.



The weeding project will be undertaken subject by subject. As subjects come up for weeding, library selectors will send weeding lists to faculty in that subject area to review. Please review these lists and send us your feedback promptly.



Weeding lists by subject:


(already finalized)