Troubleshooting Off-Campus Access

Troubleshooting Off-Campus Access




Here are some things you can try if you are having trouble accessing the library's resources from off-campus. You can also reach out at the phone number or email listed below depending on the issue:


Invalid OLLU Username or Password

Contact the OLLU Help Desk

210-434-6711 x3908


Trouble Accessing Databases or Full-Text Articles

Contact the Library Reference Desk




Login Issues


When logging in to access the library databases, make sure you are using your MyOLLU ID and password. These should be the same login ID and password you use to login to your OLLU email account.


Don't enter your entire email address - only the part before the @ symbol. For example, if your email address is, the username you enter should be 'jsmith16fl.'


EZproxy login example


If you are using your MyOLLU credentials and they are not being accepted, try updating your password. If you've changed your password and are still being denied access, contact the library for assistance.



Firewall Issues


Many places have firewalls that block access to certain websites, including the library databases. This is a common issue if you are trying to access the databases from a work computer or from a military base. If this is the case, try accessing the library databases from your home computer or another location.


Occasionally home internet providers will have a firewall that prevents access to library databases from your home network. If you suspect this might be the case, you can try accessing the databases from a different location. You may need to contact your internet service provider for a solution.



Browser Issues


Some browsers work well with certain databases while others do not. If the previous suggestions have not fixed the issue, try these options for dealing with possible browser issues:


Try a different browser

If you are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox, Chrome or Safari (on Macs). You might also try upgrading to the most current version of the browser you’re using.


Clear your browser history

In some cases it can help to clear your browser history/cache.


Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete


Firefox: History > Clear Recent History > Time Range="Everything" > Clear Now


Chrome: Toolbar Wrench Icon > Tools > Clear Browsing Data > Clear Browsing Data


Safari: History > Clear History > Clear


Adjust your browser’s security settings

In some cases your browser's security settings may be preventing the page from being displayed.


Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Slider="Medium" > Sites > Allow


Firefox: Options > Privacy tab > Drop-down="Remember History"


Chrome: Toolbar Wrench Icon > Options > Under the Hood > Privacy > Content Settings > Cookies > Select "allow local data to be set"


Safari: Preferences > Privacy > Block Cookies="Never"



Database Issues


The information above usually helps with most database problems. If you've tried the suggestions above and are still having problems, either the library or the Help Desk may be able to assist, depending on the issue.


Is the issue specific to just one database, one publisher, or all databases? Knowing this information can help determine what might be causing the problem and where to go for help. Please include as much information as possible when you report the issue.


Can't access any databases 

It may be a problem with your login credentials or other computer settings. Contact the library so we can investigate the issue.


Can't access databases from one publisher 

For example, if you can’t get into any Ebsco databases, but can get into other databases, it could be a problem with the publisher. Contact the library so we can investigate the issue.


Can't access one particular database 

That database may be experiencing downtime. Try other databases to see if they are working. If you can get into other databases, but just not one particular database, contact the library so we can investigate the issue.